Designed by the company’s experienced engineering team, the new Profi-Hub series was developed to meet the demands of today’s more powerful, higher-capacity machinery. It delivers increased carrying capacity together with significantly longer service life, improved performance and simpler servicing.

Commenting on the launch, Aaron Dahl, moveero's Chief Engineer Americas said: “The new range is an evolution of our proven 871 and 873 hub systems, with the re-design providing improved features, capabilities and value. The new Profi-Hub systems deliver a great combination of improved strength and carrying capacity, with hubs capable of carrying load requirements up to 15,700 pounds.“

Industry Leading

Leading the industry with our approach to the design and manufacture of wheels & structural assemblies, moveero has two purpose-built Test Centres where we rigorously test and validate all new design and product improvements. We are one of the few organisations with the total engineering capability to offer design, simulation and validation and continue to make significant investments in both laboratory and field testing equipment to enable us to stay at the forefront of industry trends. We have some of the most advanced purpose-built, electronically controlled systems in the industry.

We use leading design methodologies including computer simulations and Finite Element Analysis, which is backed by extensive in-field testing. Continuous investment across our facilities, including our production facilities, process approach, Research & Development and test equipment – reinforces our commitment to leading in engineering and design excellence and continuing to provide outstanding products and service to our customers.

With a long and proud tradition manufacturing hubs and spindles, moveero is offering a solution which is a major advance in design, enabling us to continue to provide our customers with high-quality, high-performance solutions. During the design and testing stage, every element of the product and process was thoroughly evaluated, from raw materials to testing and finishing ensuring Profi-Hub meets the market’s exacting needs.

Following an extensive testing programme, the Profi-Hub range has demonstrated a remarkable two and a half times bearing life improvement. With a design patent pending on the new design, the systems have been designed for a minimum of 20,000 miles service at 20 miles per hour. Serviceability has also been improved, with a recessed grease fitting meaning there will be much less field damage and improving fitting access. The re-design has also enabled the system’s casting weight to be reduced by 15 lbs, improving the carbon footprint of each hub manufactured by 30 pounds of carbon dioxide.


  • A patented design solution
  • Increased carrying capacity - load requirements up to 15,700 lbs (7,100 kg) whilst casting weight is reduced by 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
  • Improved bearing performance - over 2x bearing set durability with new patent pending hub shape
  • Improved servicing - recessed grease fitting reduces the risk of damage whilst in use and press-on style hubcap
  • simplifies serviceability
  • Assemblies can be configured to customer requirements.

​Customisable items include:

  • Enhanced seal - cartridge seal
  • Grade 8 strength level stud or wheel bolts
  • Various nut options
  • Designed for 20,000 mile (12,500 km) at 20 mph (32 kph) nominal speed
  • Bearing sets packed with high-quality lithium complex grease
  • Assemblies available in a brake and non-brake version
  • Brake version includes: 6 Hole - 8.25" (209.6 mm) Bolt Circle - 6.00" (152.4 mm) Pilot Diameter