Profi-Line+ Wheels

Profi-Line + wheels are designed specifically for agricultural trailed and other load bearing vehicles, the wheels having been developed to minimise stress on the critical radii by around 40% compared with the traditional rim shape. As a result, fatigue life is more than five times longer. The wheel’s rolled-over flange and double well radius enable it to cope with the increased pressures of heavier loads and longer periods of use.

Industry Leading

Leading the industry with our approach to the design and manufacture of wheels & structural assemblies, moveero has two purpose-built Test Centres where we rigorously test and validate all new design and product improvements. We are one of the few organisations with the total engineering capability to offer design, simulation and validation and continue to make significant investments in both laboratory and field testing equipment to enable us to stay at the forefront of industry trends. We have some of the most advanced purpose-built, electronically controlled systems in the industry.

We use leading design methodologies including computer simulations and Finite Element Analysis, which is backed by extensive in-field testing. Continuous investment across our facilities, including our production facilities, process approach, Research & Development and test equipment – reinforces our commitment to leading in engineering and design excellence and continuing to provide outstanding products and service to our customers.

Specifically for Load-Bearing Vehicles

The new profile gives a stress reduction in the critical area around 40% compared with the traditional rim shape and as a result fatigue life is more than five times longer. These benefits are achieved whilst reducing rim gauge and weight without any loss of performance. The rim was developed to cope with the increased pressures of heavier loads and longer periods of use. This means more working hours for the wheel, particularly for heavy machines with intensive usage. The Profi -Line+ rim design is offered across the moveero range of flotation wheels and is available in sizes from 16.00 x 22.5” to 28.00 x 30.5”.

Profi-Line+ Wheels - Unique Rim Profile

moveero's exclusive Profi -Line+ rim for flotation tyres incorporates two key changes:

  • Bent over double flange radius
  • Double well radius

As a result, and proven by extensive testing, fatigue life is over five times longer and comes with a three year warranty.

Quality is fundamental to moveero’s product range across all sectors and product designs. All performance criteria comply with at least one of the following regional and international rim and tyre standards - TRA, ETRTO, JATMA and ISO.

For the customer, this translates into extended service life, reliable performance, safer operations and lower maintenance cost.