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moveero has announced a change to the pricing structures of its extensive Hubs & Spindles product range.  As a leading supplier of hub systems for the North American market, the company provides highly engineered systems to multiple core global customers, as well as those with a regional focus.

For the first time, the new pricing structure will incorporate discounts at different purchasing volume levels, which will not only provide clarity on pricing, but also further benefits for customers.

moveero’s Chief Sales Office, Hugo Burgers, explained: “We are introducing this change to ensure consistency across our Hubs & Spindle product offering and to provide a sustainable pricing structure for our customers. Having seen dramatic changes to our production costs over the course of 2021, this new way of pricing will provide transparency, an ability to respond as the costs of production fluctuate and pass on advantages of production efficiencies to our customers.”

moveero’s Hubs & Spindles range is manufactured at the company’s Armstrong facility in Iowa and includes not only an extensive range of standard hubs and spindles, but also completely customizable hub systems for off-highway machinery. Capacities range from 500 pounds (227 kg) to 57,000 pounds (25,855 kg), with the largest hub in the range being ideal for single-axle vehicles carrying out heavy duty applications, such as grain carts, slurry wagons and towed scrapers. Ron Peta, Sales Director USA comments: “Implementing a sustainable, customer-focused structure based on volume thresholds will help support future product innovation across our extensive product range, including our patented Profi-Hub system, all of which are supported by the world’s largest test hub stand, based at our US R&D center of excellence in the US.
The new structure which will be applied to the Hubs & Spindle range manufactured and sold in the US only and which will commence from January 2022 and updated on a quarterly basis.