Industry’s leading manufacturer of Off-highway wheels

With an extensive history dating back to 1908, we are proud of our heritage providing industry leading solutions across off-highway industries and continue with drive and determination to maintain our leading position.

We have built our business with commitment from people who maintain their passion for what they do today: operating as an innovative solutions provider, with unwavering dedication, working with our customers to exceed their needs.

Industry leading testing, in-house, and in the field

moveero’s research and design teams are at the forefront of product innovation and development. Our approach to design, test and manufacture is through working closely with our customers and partners, creating innovative solutions for the current and future needs of the world’s essential industries.

Our purpose-built Design, Development and Testing centers in the US and Europe, enables a rigorous design and testing process for product innovations and on-going improvements.

moveero News

Woodridge R&D center patent awarded

moveero's US R&D team, based in Woodridge, IL have been awarded a US Functional (or utility) patent for their ‘low profile driver system’ design. The development started a number of years ago with Caterpillar, in response to a problem they were having with multi-piece wheel driver systems, which were being damaged and displaced when vehicle wheels came in contact with nearby objects or hard surfaces.

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Product spotlight

Product Spotlight

Our new Profi-Tuff range of high-performance, high quality wheels has been designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of the forestry sector.

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