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Product Selector

Over many decades, moveero has established an enviable reputation for the quality of its research, development, design, testing and manufacturing expertise, with two manufacturing plants in Europe and four in the US, backed by its market-leading plants at Armstrong and Estherville in Iowa and at Wichita, as well as a Research, Development and Testing Center at Woodridge.
Around eighteen months ago, the company went through a period of quite dramatic and rapid change. Along with a new business name, moveero also introduced a new mission and vision, all of which marked the start of a new chapter in its evolution.

Mike Wodtke, Regional Operations Director US for moovero, said: “Bringing together an experienced workforce with a wealth of engineering expertise, and a market-leading product range, we have taken the opportunity to build on these solid foundations and take the business into new areas – in terms of product, technology, and territory.
“In particular, we recognise the growth potential that exists for us in the US and Canada, and we are working closely with our customers and supply chain partners to expand and develop in key areas and markets.”

Work is currently underway for a new, fully automated weld cell at the company’s Estherville wheel plant, as a result of which, the company will double its production capacity of large wheels, up to 50” diameter for the agriculture sector.

Additional investments are also planned for moveero’s US operations over the next couple of years, including upgrading its paint systems to fully automated powder application. The project is being kicked off this year for the Armstrong facility and will be followed by enhancements to the Estherville plant.

Mike Wodtke continued: “We are also focusing on designs for new automated cells for our hubs and spindles manufacturing. This programme builds on our plans to continue to grow our operations both in the US and globally and follows a multi-million dollar investment programme in Europe which transformed our manufacturing facility in the UK and R&D and test facilities in Italy.
“With a long history of manufacturing excellence, our plants have been producing high quality steel wheels for well over 55 years, the last 25 of which have been as part of the moveero group. We have aways been an engineering-driven business, but at the same time, we are solutions-driven, which means we actively encourage our R&D teams to push boundaries and think the unthinkable.

“Our team in Woodridge spend a significant amount of time on ‘blue sky’ innovation, looking at our markets and customers and identifying new processes or products to drive efficiency and performance gains, all the time seeking to bring industry-changing products that bring direct benefits to our customers. Having launched our new name and identity in 2021, it’s encouraging to see how the messages from the launch are reflected in the way we do business. We talk about being more agile, dynamic and evolving every day, and our investment in the US is a perfect manifestation of that.”