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Key benefits of Infini-Forge

  • Patented design solution
  • 50% increased wheel lifespan to conventional equivalents
  • Increased rim strength
  • 100% round wheel and stress distribution
  • High load capacity
  • Increased vehicle uptime
Wheel RangeEasier & faster tire mountingReduction of tire slippageSoil protectionLight weight design rim and/or discDual wheel eligibilityFull service engineering & R&D supportHigher payloadDurability, improved strengthTire protection (larger flanges)Double the lifetime as standardSuitable for speedAdjustable (track setting)*

Unmatched Performance

A high performing, patented solution for vehicles operating in safety critical, demanding situations that require durability and stability. The revolutionary and patented Infini-Forge process achieves exceptional manufacturing accuracy, allowing material to be placed where it is needed, leading to an increase in rim strength for high-load bearing vehicles using high pressure tires.

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Full service & R&D support Full service & R&D support
Durable Durable
Increased payload Increased payload
Double the lifetime Double the lifetime

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