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Key benefits of Single-Piece

  • Excellent strength properties
  • Reliable at high speeds
  • Developed for high payloads
  • Easy tire demounting
  • Available in W, DW and TW profiles
Wheel RangeEasier & faster tire mountingReduction of tire slippageSoil protectionLight weight design rim and/or discDual wheel eligibilityFull service engineering & R&D supportHigher payloadDurability, improved strengthTire protection (larger flanges)Double the lifetime as standardSuitable for speedAdjustable (track setting)*

moveero's industry standard

Standard single piece wheels from moveero have excellent strength and performance properties, even at high loads and speeds. They are made up of two components and have a fixed welded disc with no track width adjustment. This allows for easy tire demounting, even in-field and are available with a number of different rim profiles, including moveero’s patented Profit range.

Lightweight Lightweight
Full service & R&D support Full service & R&D support
Dual wheel Dual wheel
Improved fuel consumption Improved fuel consumption
No slippage No slippage

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