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Key benefits of Profi-Flex HS

  • Patented design solution.
  • A solution for high speed adjustable tractor wheels that is ‘simple’ without risk of wrong assembly or parts ‘getting lost’.
  • Suitable for vehicles up to 500HP and speeds of up to 60 km/h.
  • 16 different offsets to work with different row crop widths.
  • Manual adjustment of tractor’s track settings can be completed efficiently and accurately, every time.
  • Improved ride quality, comfort-levels and tractor performance.
Wheel RangeEasier & faster tire mountingReduction of tire slippageSoil protectionLight weight design rim and/or discDual wheel eligibilityFull service engineering & R&D supportHigher payloadDurability, improved strengthTire protection (larger flanges)Double the lifetime as standardSuitable for speedAdjustable (track setting)*

The world’s best wheel alignment system

Profi-Flex HS addresses the issue of run-out, which can occur on manually adjustable track wheels. With tractor speeds increasing the issue of ‘wheel wobble’ can be more pronounced. moveeros’ Profi-Flex HS design, incorporates an integrated centering pins in the spacers, guaranteeing perfect alignment when track settings are changed.

Prevents the increased risk of part loss and “wheel wobble” seen in other systems within the market ensuring optimal performance every time while maintaining event load distribution.

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Full service & R&D support Full service & R&D support
Dual wheel Dual wheel
Tire protection Tire protection
High speed High speed
Adjustable Adjustable

Track adjustment to optimize yield and comfort at high speeds

  • Continuously welded flange ring joins the bolted center disc to the wheel rim.
  • Increased bolt stretch.
  • 16 offset positions, 15mm between each.
  • Can operate at speeds of up to 50km/h and available with moveero’s patented TW Profi-Fit rim profile.
  • Standard wheel designs allows up to as much as 260HP.
  • Rack position moves to optimize the greatest yield on crops.
  • High performance life and low fatigue due to structurally efficient joint structure.

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