As a leading manufacturer of hubs and spindles, we supply our Hub Systems range to all major manufacturers and OEM’s across North America and Europe. Drawing on our extensive technical expertise, we work closely with customers to develop hubs that enhance performance by offering innovative, bespoke solutions.

Quality Product and Service

With a commitment to high quality manufacturing processes and finishes, we supply premium products that are custom engineered to suit customers’ specific applications, even in the most demanding and challenging environments.

Our collaborative approach, working with our customers, means that our hubs and spindles are focused on innovative designs and problem-solving to provide solutions that maximise productivity and up-time. We constantly work to design and test products which match the latest equipment trends, including higher payload capability, increased speed, lower vehicle weight and higher technical specification. We manufacture a range of customisable hub systems for offhighway machinery, with capacities ranging from 500 lbs (227 kg) to 57,000 lbs (25,855 kg). The largest in the range is ideal for single-axle vehicles carrying out heavy duty applications, such as grain carts, slurry wagons and towed scrapers. The hub can be fully customised, with an option to include disc brake components if required. Bent and straight spindles can be fully customised to specified dimensions. Cultivation; Straddle and standard designs are available with a range of bolt configurations. Our hubs are all sold complete with bearings, seals, hub caps and nuts and can be supplied machined and cupped only or in assembled and greased hub and spindle units.

Custom Engineered-Reliable Performance Solutions

moveero is a leading supplier of Hub Systems for the North American market, providing highly engineered systems to multiple core global customers, as well as those regionally focused. The company supplies to major off-highway manufacturers and suppliers of OEM across the Americas and Europe.

Research, Design and Validation

Working with customer’s design engineers in a collaborative way and leveraging its long standing North American Hub Systems design innovation, moveero provides its customers with a technical resource that includes design, engineering validation, and actual product testing. Their North American Engineering Centre and Testing Facility, provides the highest assurance that their customers will receive components and assemblies that exceed expectations.

Quality Product and Service

With a commitment to high quality manufacturing processes, and finishes, moveero has maximised the total value of the Hub System provided to the customer with designs that are engineered specifically for the customers’ application, even in the most demanding external environments. moveero has a collaborative approach to meeting the challenges of todays off highway markets. A focus on innovation and problem-solving capabilities provides solutions to maximise uptime and productivity in a range of heavy duty construction and Mining equipment.

Assemblies can be delivered to the customer in a wide range of configurations to maximise installation efficiencies. For example, assemblies can be provided:

  • with or without spindles
  • with or without brake rotor mounting pads
  • with bolt patterns and sizes which can be customised to meet the application and customer’s requirements

Download the Hubs Catalogue below: