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moveero’s US R&D team, based in Woodridge, IL have been awarded a US Functional (or utility) patent for their ‘low profile driver system’ design.

The development started a number of years ago with Caterpillar, in response to a problem they were having with multi-piece wheel driver systems, which were being damaged and displaced when vehicle wheels came in contact with nearby objects or hard surfaces.

The R&D team set about designing a solution, developing the cold form flange and the solution was then filed with the US patent office.

moveero’s Chief Engineer for the US, Aaron Dahl, commented: “This new system works together with our cold form flange in that the driver key is protected. Having worked on this design for a number of years, we were delighted to receive the patent certificate, which was a welcome recognition of the work we have undertaken.”

The patent that has been awarded is a functional patent, which differs from a design patent in that it protects the whole concept of the low-profile system and not just the design, and is a higher level of protection.

Aaron commented: “The patent lawyers have done a fantastic job writing the patent documentation to protect the idea and the design, which led to us being awarded the functional patent, which is much more difficult to obtain. The patent protects the idea for 20 years and is a real differentiator in the market for us.”